bosaardbei naast betonvijver

The garden has a large variety of flowers and berries which encourage various birds and butterflies to stay nearby.  The mountain ash and holly berries attract birds late into the year.


We have built a hibernation home for ‘our’ hedgehogs under the large rhododendrons in the front garden, and placed an ‘insect hotel’ in the back garden to shelter solitary bees, ladybugs, butterflies,... 


Each spring the pond attracts a pair of ducks which nest in the nearby plants.


While sitting by the pond watching the fish, those who are patient might even see frogs swimming or hopping about.


Villa Emma is committed to waste management. We try to minimize as much waste as possible. Where we cannot minimize we try to reuse and recycle as well as composting. We ask our guests to join us in this ideology.


Furthermore, the toilets flush with rainwater from the large 30 m3 cistern. CFLs and LEDs are used for lighting. Heating and cooling can be arranged per room individually.

Thermal solar panels heat a 300 liter solar water heater and a heat pump provides heating  or cooling (RIELLO). Villa Emma uses 100% green electricity (ECOPOWER).

Villa Emma, Waterdreef 13, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg (Gent), Belgi´┐Ż, Stratenplan , Tel.: 092/59 21 95,